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Conference DateWednesday 8 July 2009 - Friday 10 July 2009
Conference LocationFlinders University, University of South Australia – Adelaide, Australia
Conference ProgramConference Program (PDF)
Conference ProceedingsAnnual Conference Refereed Proceedings 2009

President’s Welcome Address

Since it began in 2004, the ASPERA Conference has had a major impact on the profile of screen production education in Australia. Its steady development since has brought into sharp focus the scale and significance of a discipline within the Australian higher education system that had previously been receiving far too little attention. While reflecting a very diverse range of educational cultures, teaching practices and approaches to research, the association’s members have been united by a common desire to achieve greater recognition for screen production as an area of study. ASPERA Conferences have always been characterised by a willingness amongst delegates to share ideas and experiences in a generous and mutually supportive way. There are plenty of differences expressed and no shortage of lively debates. However, whether the topic is raising the profile of screen production in research or developing a better dialogue with industry, these differences have not affected the collegiality and common sense of purpose amongst participants.

I am looking forward to the 2009 Conference in Adelaide continuing this tradition and would like to welcome you to what promises to be a particularly informative and enjoyable event.

Leo Berkeley
ASPERA President

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