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Conference DateWednesday 7 July - Friday 9 July 2010
Conference LocationUniversity of Technology Sydney – Sydney, Australia
Conference ProgramConference Program (PDF)
Conference ProceedingsRefereed Proceedings 2010

President’s Welcome Address

Welcome to the 7th ASPERA Conference at UTS, Sydney. ASPERA’s 2010 conference kicks off with a pre-conference industry panel session, Forecasting Media Futures, where six of Australia’s most interesting media experts will discuss what, where and how we will be consuming media in the future. The following three days allow ASPERA delegates to explore the diversity of research interests, pedagogical challenges and opportunities that we are currently facing. Panels and presentations will range form the current issues facing the media arts sector, ERA, teaching and industry, creative practice research, 3D animation and aesthetics, ethics and documentary, internationalising Australian media production curricula and the digital archiving of student films.

The ASPERA conference in my experience is always a wonderful opportunity to meet and catch up with old friends and potential new ones. It is a time to meet with generous and interesting colleagues with whom we can share our research, experiences and concerns. I hope you find this year’s conference as stimulating, interesting, enlightening and as enjoyable as I know I will.

Alison Wotherspoon
ASPERA President


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