The Executive is elected at the Annual General Meeting by and from members of ASPERA. The executive consists of a: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, plus two members from a state or territory other than the above, where possible. Each year the Vice President succeeds the President. Each year the conference is also rotated amongst participating institutions and amongst the states and territories. In the event that the conference convener is not already on the Executive Committee they will be co-opted as an ordinary member for that year. The Executive communicates regularly with its members to identify and consider issues affecting screen production, education and research, to develop policy, to represent screen production courses within the tertiary sector and at the level of state and federal government on behalf of ASPERA. The Executive promotes effective communication amongst its members either via regular email bulletins and/or via the ASPERA website.



John Cumming
John Cumming (President)
Deakin University Film & TV, Melbourne VIC
T: 03 9251764 (office & mobile)


Bettina Frankham
Bettina Frankham (Secretary)
UTS Media Arts & Production, UTS, NSW.  T: 02 9514 1649


James Verdon
James Verdon (Vice-President)
Department of Film and Animation, Swinburne University of Technology, VIC T: 03 9214 6981


Alison Wotherspoon
Alison Wotherspoon (Treasurer)
Department of Screen and Media, Flinders University, SA.  T: 08 8201 2290


Richard Seale (Online Communications Editor)
Department of Screen Arts, Curtin University WA T: 08 9266 2238


Craig Batty
Craig Batty (Chair – Research Sub Committee)
School of Media and Communication, RMIT University, VIC. T: 03 9925 2456


Mark Ryan
Mark Ryan (Ordinary Member 1)
QUT Film, Screen & Animation, Queensland University of Technology, QLD. T: 07 3138 0158


Sarah Stollman (Ordinary Member 2)
Design, AFTRS NSW. T: 02 9805 6552


Tim Thomas
Tim Thomas (2016 Conference Convenor)
Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra, ACT

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