Call to host 2018 or 2019 ASPERA conferences

2017 ASPERA Conference Delegates
2017 ASPERA Conference Delegates

Following on from the success of the 2017 ASPERA Conference at Bond University, we’re calling for initial proposals from member institutions to host and organise the annual ASPERA conferences in 2018 and 2019.

ASPERA’s annual conference is a valuable opportunity for colleagues to share current research and teaching practices and to engage in relevant policy and academic conversations. ASPERA’s conference is also an event at which disciplinary members and others can come together to network and informally share experiences. It provides an opportunity for a member institution to host a conference that addresses the interests and creativity of the ASPERA community and showcases the identity, culture and standing of the host institution.

ASPERA’s Executive Committee remains closely associated in a supervisory and advisory capacity with the overall planning and delivery of the conference, including conference proceedings. The conference convenor or co-convenors are usually co-opted to the ASPERA Executive Committee during the planning, delivery and acquittal phases of the conference.

Key event contextual information:
– Conference attendees: approximately 75 people
– Number of days: three days with one or two pre-conference workshops on the day prior (could be weekend or weekday)
– Likely event months are either June-July or November
– Financial commitment required by host to cover invited Plenary speakers, room hire, AV and IT infrastructure and catering
– Attendee registration income goes directly to the host organisation who manages ticketing and offsets conference delivery costs.

Key points that submissions should address:
– Conference convening team
– Locale and benefits of same
– Proposed dates
– Campus and proposed venues
– Conference theme proposal
– Financial arrangements.

Please email a short, initial expression of interest addressing the key submission points above to Dr Bettina Frankham, Acting President of ASPERA ( by 15 September 2017. Any queries prior to submission should also be sent to Bettina.

The ASPERA executive will consider all proposals and will make conference hosting decisions based on these submissions or ask for further detailed submissions by 2 October 2017 for the 2018 and 2019 conferences.

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