CILECT Congress 2016

In November 2016, just over 1-year hence, Griffith Film School (GFS) will be hosting CILECT Congress, 2016 in Brisbane. CILECT is the World Association of Film Schools and it is expected that many CILECT member institutions will send delegates to attend this Congress, the theme of which will be ‘Ethics and Aesthetics’. All ASPERA institutions and their faculty are coupled with CILECT through ASPERA’s Associate Membership of the organisation.

GFS would like to invite ASPERA members to participate in CILECT Congress 2016, initially with suggestions for topics, themes and speakers that will address Ethics and Aesthetics, and their relationship to screen production, its principles, practice, products, culture and context. Your thoughts are most welcome and your involvement encouraged. Please contact Nick Oughton or Donna Hamilton with your ideas ( ( as soon as possible (just ideas at this stage) or by 13th November.

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