Morning coffee & chat

What should a ‘disruptive’ journal of media practice look like?


Grab a morning (virtual) coffee with us and join us in sunny Melbourne for a discussion about creative practice research and ‘publishing’ practice-based research artefacts.

As part of a special issue of the Journal of Media Practice, hosted by colleagues at the UK’s Centre for Disruptive Media, we’ve begun a discussion about what a moving-image journal might look like, and the relationship between artefact and research statement.

Click here add your views to the dialogue now until September 15. This ‘data’ will then hopefully be written up as a paper for a ‘normal’ issue of the Journal of Media Practice.

Once you’re on the site, click the arrow at the top right of the page – sign in (takes seconds) and then say what you want to!

There are 12 other conversations about all of this stuff across the special issue, from colleagues all around the world.

image of melbourne from here


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