Moving Image Narrative (MIN) Research Cluster

Moving Image Narrative is a site for a collaborative and interactive, text, image, sound, and moving image based experimental research journal. It is also a project seeking to engage with local and international research related to; sound, image, movement, narrative, storytelling.  The Moving Image Narrative (MIN) Research Cluster, a ragbag collection of artists, professionals, academics, associated with Film, Visual and Performing Arts Disciplines at the Victorian College of the Arts, a Faculty of the University of Melbourne, was initiated in 2014.

MIN is a practice-based research group, investigating and developing ideas around the notion of narratives that ‘move’. What it is it to tell a story through time? The research group draws together a host of established and emerging artist, academics and industry professionals working in film, music, visual, performative and related modes of practice and production. This blog space is for developing, exchanging and testing out ideas. A place for questions to be asked and debated.

The group is open to everyone and you can sign up to receive MIN news at

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