New Screen Makers Conference

On Tuesday 9 June the Media Resource Centre (MRC) launched its New Screen Makers Conference to be held at the Mercury Cinema on 18-19 July 2015. The aim of the conference is to prepare the next generation of screen makers on what they need to know to build a sustainable career. Speakers will focus on new career pathways and monetisation strategies. Guest are coming from You Tube, I-View, SBS on Demand and successful online shows such as The Katering Show

There is a press release on the conference and a link to the program on the Mercury Cinema website:…/new-screen-makers-…/programme/

As the MRC is committed to developing the next generation, they have made costs as cheap as possible. MRC members can attend the 1.5 day conference for $25. Concession attendance without membership is $75 and $70 with a new membership.

Director of the MRC, Gail Kovatseff said it is important to impart this information on the changing landscape to up-and-coming practitioners and she encouraged teachers of screen production to promote the conference to their students.

The MRC have developed a through-line between the conference and the programs they will offer next year. Therefore, the conference could be particularly useful to graduating students, who plan to use the MRC services next year.

Previously to assist students to attend activities of this kind, the MRC has worked with institutions to develop a group fee, which the training institution elects to fund. This would be particularly applicable if students are not already members of the MRC. There is some potential to negotiate sponsorship arrangements between institutions, with banner acknowledgement on the day.

Members of industry are expected to attend and educators may find the conference a good opportunity to connect to new trends.

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