Notice of the ASPERA Annual General Meeting 2016

This is to advise of the upcoming annual general meeting of the Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association. This meeting will conclude the 3 day ASPERA annual conference.

The details of the annual general meeting are as follows:
Date:  7 July 2016
Time:  3.20pm
Place:  Building 6 Level B room 45, University of Canberra, University Drive, Bruce ACT


At the meeting, member representatives will have the opportunity to:

  • Find out about ASPERA’s operations and finances
  • Ask questions about the operations and finances of ASPERA
  • Speak about any items on the agenda
  • Vote on any resolutions proposed.

At the meeting, member representatives will be asked to vote to:

  • Accept the minutes of the last annual general meeting
  • Accept the President’s report
  • Accept the Treasurer’s report
  • Elect members of the executive committee.

In accordance with the ASPERA constitution, each member is entitled to appoint a proxy by notice given to the secretary no later than 24 hours before the meeting starts.  Proxy forms are available through the ASPERA website at

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