Making, Learning, Thinking: Screen and Broadcast Education and Research

Past Conference Details

Conference Date17-18 June 2019
Conference LocationAustralian Film Television and Radio School, Building 130, The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, NSW 2021
Conference ProgramConference Program (PDF)
Conference ProceedingsAudio recordings available below

In 2019  the Australian Screen Production Education & Research Association (ASPERA) Annual Conference used a new format.
The free two-day conference was structured around a series of cross-institutional and interdisciplinary participatory discussion panels and keynote addresses that discussed and aimed to move forward thinking and practice on current issues in screen production, broadcast and creative practice education and research.
Sessions focused on teaching and learning, research and industry engagement—or a combination of the above. One afternoon of the event was given over specifically to creative practice pedagogies for screen and broadcast.

Audio recordings of panels

Day 1 – Monday 17 June 2019

Panel 1: Training ASPERA’s HDR Supervisors: Where are the Gaps?

Chair: Craig Batty (UTS)
Panel: Marsha Berry (RMIT), Kath Dooley (Curtin), Bettina Frankham (UTS), Susan Kerrigan (Newcastle), Margaret McVeigh (Griffith)

ASPERA Secretary · Panel 1 ASPERAs HDR Supervisors

Panel resources: Panel 1 slides

Panel 2: Tacit knowledge in the screen production pedagogy in the Aotearoa context

Chair: Arezou Zalipour (AUT)
Panel: Elizabeth Hoyle and James Nicholson (AUT)

ASPERA Secretary · Panel 2 Tacit Knowledge In The Screen Production Pedagogy

Panel 3: Embedding Indigenous Graduate Attributes in Screen Production Education

Chair: Dr Natalie Krikowa (UTS)
Panel: Professor Rachel Landers, Dr Megan Heyward, and Professor Pauline Clague (UTS)

ASPERA Secretary · Panel 3 Embedding Indigenous Graduate Attributes

Panel 4: Flipping the Classroom at Film School

Jane Newton and Julia Avenell (AFTRS)

ASPERA Secretary · Panel 4 Flipping The Classroom At Film School

Panel resources:

Flipping the Class at Film School – Resources List Panel 4

Flipped Learning Infographic – Panel 4

Panel 5: Emerging Creative Practices

Krista Jordan and David Balfour (AFTRS)

ASPERA Secretary · Panel 5 Emerging Creative Practices

Panel 6: Story Disruptable?

Peter Herbert and Gerard Reed (AFTRS)

ASPERA Secretary · Panel 6 Story Disruptable

Panel 7: GRAD SHOW – Life After Film School

Chair: Monica Davidson (Creative Plus Business Group)
Panel: Sophie Renae (Stan, Producer, Filmmaker, and Actor) and Jessica Giacco (Lumila Films)

ASPERA Secretary · Panel 7 Grad Show Life After Film School

Day 2 – Tuesday 18 June

Panel 8: Immersive 360-degree media: Creative practice and research inside and outside of the classroom

Chair: Kath Dooley (Curtin University)
Panel: Stuart Bender (Curtin); Gregory Ferris, Bettina Frankham, Megan Heyward, Alex Munt (UTS); Max Schleser (Swinburne)

ASPERA Secretary · Panel 8 Immersive 360 Degree Media

Panel resources: ASPERA Symposium 2019 Panel 8 slides

Panel 9: Expanded and immersive video works by artists exploring complexity in the time of the Anthropocene

Chair: Georgia Wallace-Crabbe (UTS)
Panel: Susan Norrie (Visual Artist), Kate Richards (Artist, Producer, Academic WSU), Merilyn Fairskye (Artist), Dr. Felicity Fenner (UNSW)


Panel 10: Gender matters in the classroom: Fostering diversity on screen and behind the camera

Chair: Sandra Sciberras (VCA Film and TV)
Panel: Monica Davidson (Creative Plus Business Group) and Margaret McHugh (UTS)

ASPERA Secretary · Panel 10 Gender Matters In The Classroom

Panel 11: Benchmarking, peer review and moderation: TEQSA’s external referencing requirements and possible frameworks in screen production education

Chair: Dr Megan Heyward (UTS)
Panel: Dr Rachel Wilson (RMIT), Dr Phoebe Hart (QUT)

ASPERA Secretary · Panel 11 Benchmarking, Peer Review And Moderation

Panel resources: Panel 11 slides

Panel 12: Ticking All the Boxes: Screen Production Research, Academic Rigour, and Audience

Chair: Dr Patrick Kelly (RMIT)
Panel: Associate Professor Marsha Berry (RMIT), Dr Phoebe Hart (QUT, Hartflicker), Christine Rogers (Writer and Filmmaker) and James Thompson (Filmmaker)

ASPERA Secretary · Panel 12 Ticking All The Boxes

Panel 13: The impact/importance of inner versus external truth when teaching emerging film makers

Chair: Dr Susan Thwaites (UC)
Panel: Dr Andrew Taylor (UTS) and Dr Jill Holt (Swinburne)

ASPERA Secretary · Panel 13 The Impact Importance Of Inner Versus External Truth

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