Creativity: The measurable and immeasurable

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Conference DateTuesday 3 July - Thursday 5 July 2012
Conference LocationQueensland University of Technology – Brisbane, Australia
Conference ProgramConference Program (PDF)
Conference ProceedingsAnnual Conference Refereed Proceedings 2012 (External Link)

President’s Welcome Address

Welcome to the 9th annual ASPERA conference and Annual General Meeting hosted by Queensland University of Technology.

This year’s theme of Creativity: the Measurable & Immeasurable promises to provide engaging and thought provoking papers and discussion, as creativity, after all, lies at the core of what we attempt to foster and develop in our students at every level.

At various stages in history, hunger, isolation, meditation, abstinence and even self-mutilation have been considered as pathways to creative inspiration, but hopefully we are no longer pursuing such extreme approaches. I can remember once a group of people who believed they had formulated a simple and less dramatic “recipe” for creativity, or at least for generating creative works. I would suggest, however, that if they really had discovered that elusive formula, they would be fabulously wealthy, more famous than Edward de Bono, and in all probability, lauded as the greatest alchemists of all time.

But the challenges to encourage creativity and perhaps control it are still the subject of much conjecture, research and exploration. In this context, Sean Maher, Geoff Portman and their team have arranged a program that features a truly wide-ranging group of presenters from our member institutions and the wider community who will undoubtedly stimulate us to consider and possibly challenge some of our concepts about creativity.

As outgoing president I would like to thank the ASPERA executive team for their continued work in what has been a rewarding and progressive year. I believe that ASPERA has reached a stage where it can extend its impact and support for its members, and the executive have put a number of initiatives in place this year which will hopefully assist in that future development, several of which we will announce at this conference.

I encourage everyone to engage in the dialogue that this annual conference facilitates and to submit your papers for publication in our combined 2011 – 12 conference proceedings, and wish everyone an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Howard Worth
2011-2012 ASPERA National President

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