What’s This Space? Screen Practice, audiences & education for the future decade

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Conference DateWednesday 15th - Friday 17th July 2015
Conference LocationFlinders University – Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Conference ProgramConference Program (PDF)
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ASPERA Annual Conference 2015: What’s This Space? Screen Practice, audiences & education for the future decade

The 12th Annual Conference of the Australian Screen Production Education & Research Association (ASPERA), was held at Flinders University Victoria Square Campus.

President’s Welcome

Welcome to the 12th ASPERA conference The theme for this conference is forward looking as we anticipate changes to screen practice and education. It is both exciting and challenging to think that cheaper, better, easier technologies are able to do to screen production what desktop publishing and web publishing has done to print. Word processing has moved from a specialist to a general skill, can we expect the same to happen to screen production? Will ADOBE Creative Cloud become the Microsoft office equivalent of screen production, and what will this mean to educators who are no longer gate keepers of technical knowledge?

Luckily in tertiary education we concentrate on, not so much the how, as the why of things, and so it is exciting to note that this conference program looks at innovation in collaboration and production, creative practice as research and pedagogy in an expanding field. There is input from industry and I note a panel discussion on day two in which we look at research in our sector in relationship to the broader research environment.

I get a sense that in the last few years the ASPERA community has grown into itself, in that we feel more secure in our position as knowledge makers and as part of the academy. I anticipate that this year’s conference will continue that trend as we approach a position where film and screen production move from being a research tool to the subject of enquiry.

Special thanks to Dr Alison Wotherspoon and the team at Flinders University, and thank you and congratulations to all the presenters at ASPERA 2015. I look forward not only to your papers but also, very importantly, to the chitchat that they produce and the opportunity to catch up with old, and make new, friends in the ASPERA community.

Tim Thomas

ASPERA President

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