Annual ASPERA 2020 Conference Call For Papers

The Biz

The Business – Valuing the Screen Industry

The School of Creative Industries, University of Newcastle, will host the 17th ASPERA Conference from Wednesday 17th June to Friday 19th June 2020. It will be held at Newspace, UoN’s vertical campus in the heart of Newcastle, NSW.

Abstracts for papers and panel proposals are invited based on the theme of The Business – Valuing the Screen Industry. The key aim of the conference is to encourage a fresh look at the value of the screen business – also known as ‘The Biz’ – from a range of perspectives, and explore how our research, our practice and our teaching contributes to the broader value of the Screen Industry.

Globally, the Screen Industry has matured and can be described in many ways:
* as an industry with film, television and online production sectors;
* by its various audiences and distribution platforms: through cinematic releases, television presales or online platforms.
* by its genres of production: drama, comedy, musical, horror, factual, reality TV, soap, etc;
* by the type/theme of content: climate change, indigenous, children’s, etc.;
* by form of production: live action, animation, CGI, documentary, web series (short form), feature film (long form) and serial television;
* through an educational lens, where learning about the currency of screen production can be a lifelong pursuit.

Back in the day ‘The Biz’ might have exclusively related to how funds are secured to finance a production, but the label has grown to include much more than finance. The screen biz is about how to achieve and maintain quality, how to tell stories that are culturally meaningful for national and global audiences, and institutions are instrumental in providing current and future screen practitioners with a deeper understanding of intrinsic value – be that aesthetic, creative, innovative or social and cultural.

What does The Biz mean to you? We all get caught up in our own busy-ness, but how has your business, your profession, your vocation, contributed to the business of screen production? As graduates seek more employment-related outcomes from courses, how does your teaching relate to the dynamically shifting screen business? Or are the increasing demands of Engagement and Impact changing the ways your research is focused?

We encourage those submitting abstracts to interpret the idea of The Business – Valuing the Screen Industry broadly and creatively. Possible topics may include, but are by no means limited to, the following areas:

  • Screen production and the entrepreneur
  • Imagination and the market
  • Global media corporations vs small production companies
  • Markets for screen content
  • New forms of content and new distribution channels
  • The economics of teaching screen production
  • The ‘business’ of securing research grants
  • Mobile technology and work processes
  • Screen production as a creative practice
  • Screen culture and audience experiences
  • Screenwriting for the industry
  • Value and screen currency


The conference convenors invite papers, topics for panels, interactive workshops, posters and exhibits or screenings. The maximum length of each conference presentation, be it a paper, or a slot within a panel, will be 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions/discussion.

All abstracts received will be considered for peer-reviewed conference presentations. In addition, your paper can be included in a double-blind, peer reviewed stream to be published after the conference in a special issue of Studies in Australasian Cinema in 2020. Please make it very clear in your submission if you intend to deliver a fully written paper for this publication.

Postgraduate student submissions, and submissions from international academics and practitioners, are strongly encouraged.

Please submit all proposals and enquiries to

Important Deadlines

  • All abstracts of 250 to 300 words, plus author/s biographical details up to a maximum 100 words, are due by Friday 21 February 2020. Please nominate if the abstract is for the conference presentation or the double-blind peer-review stream.
  • All successful abstract submissions will be notified by late February 2020.
  • For those submitting work for double-blind peer review, full draft papers of 5000-6000 words must be submitted by Monday 6 April 2020.
  • Feedback on full papers submitted for double-blind peer review will be made available in advance of the conference so that authors have the opportunity to incorporate suggested changes in their presentation, and then submit final drafts by 30 June 2020 – the publication deadline for the journal special issue).

For more information as it comes available, visit

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