Call for Papers: Female Authorship in Contemporary Documentary Media

In conjunction with women’s increasing claim to equal societal rights and vocalisation on a global scale, women have also taken centre stage in the documentation of contemporary issues.
Of course, this is not a new phenomenon per se; in terms of culture and scholarship women have been seeking to establish myriad voices and perspectives on issues of gender, politics, history and selfhood throughout the various waves of feminism.

However, increasing globalization, changed socio-political discourses, new technologies, developing education and job opportunities in countries outside of Western Europe and USA have all had an impact on the way women experience and document their own lives.
This call for papers asks for contributions to a planned monograph (we already have interest from a prestigious publisher) on contemporary issues relating to the expanding horizon and potency of women’s experience in documentary formats. We seek to explore what female authorship is from the perspective of multiplicity and cultural diversity. What are, in fact, the theoretical, political and aesthetic discourses that contribute to female documentary practices right now?

Abstracts of 300-500 words should be sent to Dr. Boel Ulfsdotter and Dr. Anna Backman Rogers of Gothenburg University, Sweden by 31st July. Notifications of acceptance to be sent out by August 15th. Final articles of 5-6000 words to be submitted February 1st 2016. We especially welcome abstracts from scholars working on non-Western documentary media practices.

Possible topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • Behind the scenes documentaries on female auteurs
  • New perspectives on womanhood
  • Female adolescence and the phenomenon of the blog
  • Advertising and visual culture (depilation and menstruation)
  • Non-European documentary practices
  • Democracy
  • Digital technology as a facilitator to activist documentary practice
  • Documentaries on fashion photography
  • Re-discovering or repositioning the work of female photographers
  • Eating and food
  • Female education
  • Women’s rights and documentary practice
  • Aging and the media
  • Re-framing the female gaze
  • The female body and digital technology
  • Clothing and Fashion in relation to documentary practice
  • Female documentary auteurs
  • Career
  • Emigration
  • The cross over from fiction to documentary film formats.

Please address emails to and with the heading Female Authorship Project.

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