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Welcome to the research pages of ASPERA – a space in which we hope to showcase existing research and develop new research agendas by celebrating the multiplicity of research taking place in screen production. We acknowledge the importance of creative practice in/as/for research in our discipline, and also provide a space for those interested in pedagogic research to share their ideas.

As the University of Canberra’s Professor Ross Gibson reminded us at the inaugural Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy conference, at RMIT University in late 2014, research is about knowledge creation and knowledge transfer. In creative practice disciplines, this research can be about, for and through – in other words, research that can take multiple methodological approaches, but is always in some way connected to practice, or the product of practice. For ASPERA, and the discipline of screen production more broadly, this is exciting. As we continue to develop our research agenda, we are able to hear about new approaches to research and embrace innovative ways of thinking, doing and knowing.

Screen production research is interested in all aspects of factual and fiction content creation, distribution and consumption – from script development to film crew practices to audience reception. We are also interested in research about how we tell Australian stories across all forms – from mobile screens to the multiplexes. As an emerging film and television discipline we are also interested in research about research – such as research training and academic capacity building – and research in action – such as integrated scholarship in teaching and learning.

Whatever your screen research interests and experiences, we hope you find these pages useful and inspiring.

Links to journals and reports as well as some industry links.

Legal Research and Writing

The current members of the Research Sub-committee

Introducing an Idea

Each year from the ASPERA conference, selected presentations are developed into full papers for the refereed proceedings, which are subjected to blind peer review.

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