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ASPERA represents Australian Tertiary institutions offering qualifications at undergraduate and/or postgraduate levels, including bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in various screen production disciplines. It plays an active role in shaping quality education for those working or planning to work in production or research for the screen. It addresses issues of concern to the sector, and is concerned with the status of screen production courses within the education sector. It addresses the relationship between the screen production education sector of the industry and the wider Australian screen industries. It aims to lift the profile of the screen based industries within the wider economic, social and cultural development of Australia.

The ASPERA Annual Conference is held mid-year at one of our member institutions. The first conference was held in 2004 at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.

Our aims are:

  • To produce a regular forum for exchange of ideas for Universities and tertiary screen production educators on matters of teaching, assessment, research, quality assurance and course design.

  • To develop and foster research relevant to the sector.

  • To promote quality professional education for creative artists and craftspeople in the screen industries.

  • To develop policy and advocate on behalf of screen production courses within the Australian tertiary sector.

  • To provide leadership to professional education, research and community service in screen production in Australian Universities and tertiary institutions.

  • To liaise with government, industry, secondary and VET sectors on matters of mutual interest relating to screen production.

The members of the Teaching & Learning Subcomittee

The members of the Research Subcommittee

Academics who will consider being examiners or supervisors on Honours, Masters and PhD research projects.

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A calendar of the year's events

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How to join ASPERA

Executive Members, ASPERA Constitution and AGM Minutes

The Structure and members of the Executive Board.

Member Institutions

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