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ASPERA Executive

The Executive is elected at the Annual General Meeting by and from members of ASPERA. The executive consists of: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and between one and four ordinary member representatives, each of whom represents a full member.

In the event that the conference convener is not already on the Executive Committee they will be co-opted as an ordinary member for that year.

The Executive communicates regularly with its members to identify and consider issues affecting screen production, education and research, to develop policy, to represent screen production courses within the tertiary sector and at the level of state and federal government on behalf of ASPERA. The Executive promotes effective communication amongst its members either via regular email bulletins and/or via the ASPERA website.

Executive Members

Anne Chesher.jpg

Dr Anne Chesher

SAE Creative Media Institute


David Balfour 3.JPG

Dr David Balfour


Executive Member

Susan Kerrigan.jpg

Prof. Susan Kerrigan

Swinburne Uni of Technology

Vice President


Dr Kath Dooley

University of South Australia

Executive Member

Aaron Burton.jpg

Dr Aaron Burton

University of Wollongong


Dr Rachel Wilson.jpg

Executive Member


Dr Tom Young

Flinders University


Executive Meeting Minutes

The minutes below are from past executive meetings on the dates indicated.


Feb 2019     Mar 2019     Apr 2019     May 10 2019     May 31 2019     Jun 2019



Jan 2018     Feb 2018     Apr 10 2018     Apr 20 2018     May 2018     Jun 2018     Aug 2018     Oct 2018     Nov 2018     Dec 2018 part 1     Dec 2018 part 2




Feb 2015     Mar 2015     Apr 2015     May 2015     Early-Jun 2015     Mid-Jun 2015     Aug 2015     Sep 2015     Oct 2015     Nov 2015


Aug 2014     Early Sep 2014     Late Sept 2014     Nov 2014

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