Research Resources

Research Reports and Projects

ASPERA Report – Diversity On and Off Screen in Australian Film Schools (December 2020) or access/cite via DOI

ASPERA Report – Measuring Excellence in Screen Production Research 2018 (June 2018) or access/cite via DOI

Screen Production Research Engagement and Impact Symposium – Keynote address (November 2017)

Screen Production Research Reporting: An ASPERA Scoping Report (June 2017) or access/cite via DOI

Screen Production and Research Collaboration (SPARC) (2012)

Assessing graduate screen production outputs in nineteen Australian film schools (2011)

Creative Practices Research Methodology Bibliography (2007)

Academic Journals

Suggested journals for screen production research output

Industry Links

Film Victoria
National Academy of Screen And Sound (NASS)
New South Wales Film & Television Office
Pacific Film and Television Commission (PFTC)
Screen Australia
Screen Tasmania
Screen Territory
South Australian Film Corporation
Screen Hub

International Partners

The Council for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS)
The International Association of Film & TV Schools (CILECT)

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