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Sightlines Conference 2014

Sightlines is presented by the Screen Cultures Research Lab at RMIT University, with the support of the Australian Screen Production Education & Research Association (ASPERA).

This event is designed to showcase the diversity and quality of filmmaking that occurs in the university sector, and the range of ways that filmmaking academics contribute to the development of the film medium. The conference contains both films and papers that are exploring new approaches to style and form, that are working to extend and interrogate screen industry practices, that are creative responses to research questions explored in other fields, or inspired by research into theoretical concepts or the work of other film practitioners. This event intends to foster debate around the ways in which this creative practice can be further developed as a form of academic research.

The first Sightlines event was held in November 2014 and is scheduled to run again in late 2016.

During Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy, held at RMIT University in November 2014, a range of participants were asked three questions.  Here are their responses, filmed and edited by Nicholas Hansen.

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