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Sightlines Festival & Symposium 2023: Call for creative works and papers

Updated: May 11, 2023

Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy

​The University of South Australia’s Creative People, Products and Places Research Centre (CP3) in collaboration with the Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association (ASPERA), is pleased to announce the fourth Sightlines festival to be held from June 29-30 in Adelaide, South Australia.

This event will run alongside the 2023 Australian Screen Production, Education and Research Association (ASPERA) conference, to be held at Flinders University in Adelaide from June 28-29.

Sightlines 2023 will be part festival and part symposium. It continues to have two main purposes: to showcase the full range of screen production that occurs in the higher education sector; and to contribute to the development of screen production as an academic research discipline. The focus of this event will be screenings and demonstrations of screen-based creative practice research (showcasing completed works and works in-progress), drawing in practitioners working with an array of platforms and methodologies.

The inaugural Sightlines festival at RMIT in Melbourne in 2014 showcased the quality and diversity of creative screen-based works produced in the higher education sector, including short and feature-length work suitable for cinema exhibition, documentaries, dramas, essay and experimental films. In 2016 Sightlines’ scope extended to also include presentations of work from other sites of exhibition, such as screenwriting, online, interactive and non-linear productions. This continued in 2019 at third RMIT-based event, which explored a variety of research frameworks to imagine new possibilities for the screen production sector. In 2023 we add an additional showcase of virtual reality works.

In 2023 we are calling for the following types of proposals:

- Exhibition of creative works (screen practice research outputs) accompanied by a short practitioner introduction and/or post-screening talk

- Exhibition of short virtual reality works (Meta Quest 2 compatible) to be accessed via headsets at programmed times throughout the event.

- 20-minute papers, presentations or pre-formed panels addressing key areas of contemporary screen production as research. Presentations could include exhibition of screen practice research in-progress or discussion of screenplay works.

Creative works (and accompanying research statements) or papers might directly or indirectly explore the following topics or questions:

- Ethical issues for screen-based creative practice research

- New screen technologies and approaches to practice

- Responses to the climate crisis

- Localised storytelling in a globally connected world

- Collaborative filmmaking and filmmaking collectives

- Distribution and exhibition of filmmaking research within/outside of the academy

- The rise of audio-visual essay making as an alternative form of scholarship

- How is film and filmmaking in the academy evolving?

- How can creative practice research in screen production be funded or otherwise supported?

Sightlines has had many conversations around the peer-review process and publication of screen works. We understand this is a critical process, and we will be encouraging and facilitating delegates to pursue publication and dissemination of their works in an issue of Sightlines Journal following the 2023 event.

Submission guidelines:

- Exhibition of Creative Works

Please submit a preview copy via online link with the accompanying information:

- Title

- Name of presenter and other relevant key creative contributors

- Medium/format

- Running time

- A 300-word research statement that contextualises the work. This may be a statement that explicates the background, significance and contribution of the work. This statement should provide an understanding of the context of the work, the community of practice in which you are operating, any research question/s your work seeks to address, how the importance of the work can be understood, and/or how the impact of the work might be measured.

- Short presenter biography

We accept creative works from Australian and international researchers that contribute to understandings of screen production research as well as other fields. Any screen production completed after 2018 is eligible, but we ask that you contextualise the work with your accompanying statement. If your work has specific exhibition requirements, please include these in your submission.

- papers or panels addressing key areas of contemporary screen production as research

Please submit a 300-word abstract outlining your proposed paper or panel, including your name, title and affiliation of each presenter/panellist. Please also include a short biography (100 words maximum) for each presenter/panellist.

Please contact Kath Dooley if you have any questions or concerns:

Please submit all proposals via the Sightlines email address (also cc in Kath Dooley):


Abstracts and previews of films to be submitted by Friday January 20, 2023.


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